Dr. William A. Petit Jr., right, survived the 2007 attack in which his daughters, Hayley and Michaela, and his wife, Jennifer Hawke-Petit, were killed.


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Dr. William Petit Re-lives Another Trial of The Cheshire Home Invasion

                                 By Maggie DellaRoc..., Hartford Modern Family Examiner

One thing that Dr. William Petit told me about was the true meaning of courage. As he re-lives the nightmare from the loss of his family in the Cheshire home invasion in CT, my prayers, and I know yours, are with him. I am going to share with you our conversation about courage back in 2009, coming from a man who has more courage than many people I know.

When I spoke to Dr. William A. Petit, Jr. back in April of 2009, Dr. Petit touched my heart when he defined the meaning of courage.  In his own words; - "I suspect that there are many definitions - like the one that my youngest daughter had on her Facebook page, "You must be the change you wish to see in the world.- M. Gandhi.   I start and then stop and then re-start nearly every day since July 23, 2007.   I hope that courage is not the lack of fear - but the ability to move forward in spite of your fears.  In moving forward you then can do as Gandhi suggested and try to be the change." - Dr. William A. Petit, Jr.

Through so many humanitarian efforts and beliefs, it takes courage to help one another too.  That is where the word ENCOURAGE comes in.  If we can encourage someone, no matter what it is, we are actually giving the gift of Courage; a gift that they know will empower their hearts, minds and souls. We are living in a world of unjustifiable meaning, but how can anything be justified, explained or understood. Many say they "understand", but do they?  It takes COURAGE to understand.  It takes COURAGE to justify the unjustifiable.  It takes COURAGE to explain how we truly feel inside when we are faced with the unexpected. In today's society, we live by routine.  But it is ok to break our routine once and a while and take the moment to listen to the words that silence gives to us.  If for one day, everyone can take the time and listen to the silence, they will hear that time well spent by their choice, will bring an attitude of love.

Life presents us with challenges, detours, and stumbling blocks as we live each and every day.  Wherever there's an obstacle, that we must rise above, COURAGE helps us overcome it with an Attitude of Love. Sometimes we may feel ourselves misguided and fully "out of sync".  But when we have courage; courage makes us think.  Courage brings to us a fresh new day, a chance for a new beginning, better than the day before.  Every day is a new experience, but there is one thing to keep in mind.  By having the gift of COURAGE, we can make a difference too many, no matter if the trials, triviaís and unexpected are Big or Small.

As Dr. William Petit once again goes through another trial reliving the day he lost his family through a vicious act of cruelty, my prayers are with him as with thousands around the world. Nobody deserves cruelty, especially the acts of the men who invaded Dr. Petitís home and murdered his family.

To a Man of courage: This Column is in Dedication to Dr. William A. Petit, Jr.

Dr. William Petit Re-lives Another Trial of The Cheshire Home Invasion | September 21, 2011

Maggie DellaRocco - Griffin

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