Cheshire "Lights Of Hope" Honors Petit Family

The Cheshire Lights Of Hope


In the middle of a great deal of struggle and angst in trying to attain Justice for the murders of Jennifer, Hayley and Michaela Petit, came a beautiful and miraculous display ofunity, faith, love and hope - All qualities that embodied these three lovely human beings whilst they shared their earthy life among us.


The word HOPE stood out tonight like the brightly lit candles that lined the roads, the homes and the local business's, as they wound throughout Cheshire shining like a beacon of faith upon the town.

It seemed fitting that the word hope was heard over and over and an eye to the future was on so many people's minds and on their lips tonight: Love and Hope is what resides within when we choose to turn towards God and eachother.


Proceeds from tonight's ceremony will go to multiple charities including The Petit Family Foundation. The Multiple Sclerosis Society, The Cheshire Food Pantry and Cheshire's Human Service's Department. There were upwards of one hundred volunteers that made this event happen!


Bravo to the people of Cheshire, to all of the volunteers as well as the participants from all over the State of Connecticut!