Sixth Annual GE Petit 5K Road Race


Two thousand runners lined up and took off in the Sixth Annual GE 5K Road Race benefiting the Petit Family Foundation.


NBC Connecticut is Partners in a Caring Community with the Petit Family Foundation held the event in Plainville.


The Petit Family Foundation started back in 2008, and the participation and enthusiasm for the event just continues to grow.


"I think most people are inherently good, and I think most people want to help others. And this gives people a chance to help," said Dr. William Petit.


After the 2007 murder of his wife, Jennifer, and their two daughters, Hayley and Michaela, Dr. Petit created the Petit Family Foundation to help others in their memory.


"Amazing. Amazing that he's found love and life and has been able to move on. And he's shown us all that we can do something," said runner Amy Brini.


But Dr. Petit says helping others helps him heal.


"He's gone through this, and he has a great attitude about it. And he's also our strength in getting through this also," said Co-director of the GE 5K Road Race Bob Heslin.


Heslin and his brother, both high school friends of Dr. Petit, started the GE 5K Road Race six years ago. So far the even has raised nearly one million dollars.


"We're just very thankful for the support from the local community, from the people of the state of Connecticut, from the region, in fact, from the entire country. In fact, we still get contributions and emails and phone calls throughout the United States, and we're thankful to all the folks who do what because without you, we wouldn't be able to do the good work that we're doing," said Dr. Petit.


And the support continues to grow every year because every year at the finish line runners and spectators know they're helping to make the world a better place.


The Petit Family Foundation helps with the education of young people, particularly women in the sciences, as well as supporting those with chronic illness and protecting those affected by violence.