Thanking Dr. Petit

Letter to the editor

12:13 p.m. EDT, July 17, 2014


This weekend the annual Petit Foundation Road Race was held. My family has participated since its inception.


I never had the honor of meeting Dr. Petit but when we went to pick up our shirts and bibs on Saturday he was there working. When we approached him with our armful of shirts, he was immediately responsive and put us at ease with the light-hearted comment, "looks like you guys are ready for tomorrow."


After some more small talk, we said our mutual thank yous. Upon reflection, I regretted that I did not elaborate on what my thank you meant.


Thank you for giving us the every day public an opportunity to express our love and admiration for him, his family and the three angels in heaven.


Thank you for turning a heinous, cowardly, evil act into a precious, brave and angelic cause.


Charlie Cobb, Avon

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