Farmington Everyday Hero, Taylor Walton, Runs Marathons to Help Others

In her marathons, Taylor's helped a terminal pediatric cardio patient, a cancer patient and veterans. She run the Boston Marathon April 20.


April 13, 2015

Today’s nominee was sent in by Susan Fox.


Name of Everyday Hero

Taylor Walton


Relationship to the nominee

Running partner


Details of good work

“Taylor is a pioneering role model for her generation and to me and a handful of others she is a hero and someone who has worked to make dreams come true for others! At just 19 years old she has been my marathon partner for 2 years. With every marathon we run together we complete a “pay it forward” act of kindness. In 2013 we ran the Hartford Marathon and sent a 2 year old girl named Sophia, who is a terminal pediatric cardio patient at CCMC, on an all expenses paid trip to Disney World with her family. In 2014 we ran the New York City Marathon to raise money for The Petit Family Foundation, who supports the community and women in science. On April 20, 2015 we will run the Boston Marathon to support the Brigham and Women’s Hospital on a “Run for Ron” memorial run for Ronald Martin, who is a dear friend, neighbor and role model and was a patient there and recently lost his courageous battle with cancer.”


Why do you feel is this person an Everyday Hero?

“I think Taylor is AMAZING because she thought up “the marathon cookie” at her family’s bakery and cafe, Truffles Bakery on Rt 4 in Farmington. At Truffles, you can find her signature cookie of the marathon for sale and the proceeds go to her cause! She raises thousands of dollars AND draws attention to the races we are running and the organizations we support. Even when a run has been difficult we always have each other’s backs and can count on each other for strength and drive when needed and never leave one another’s side during a run. This year is especially amazing because we helped The Fisher House, an organization that helps veterans and their families during their times of need, in October as well as countless local 5k’s and half marathons. Taylor is an exceptional person and a trend setter for her generation. ”