Copper Beech Institute offers retreat scholarships for artists

December 1, 2016

Copper Beech Institute has partnered with Hemera Foundation, to offer Tending Space Fellowships for Artists, a fellowship program for artists who wish to nurture the creative process through the contemplative environment of a meditation retreat. Qualified applicants include fulltime artists whose profession directly relates to their art-making practice—whether it is in the visual arts, performance, writing, or a multi-disciplinary artistic field. Scholarship recipients may choose from selected Copper Beech retreats offered through June 2017.

All artists eligible for a fellowship can receive 100 percent funding for their first retreat as a fellow. However, those who are able to comfortably pay for a portion of their retreat are encouraged to do so, as this will allow funding to be spread across more applicants.

In addition to artists, Hemera offers fellowship programs for educators and health care professionals. Hemera’s mission is to create an ever-expanding community of fellows whose lives and teaching are informed and supported by contemplative practice. Copper Beech Institute is one of many retreat centers across the country that has been chosen to participate.

To learn more about the Copper Beech Tending Space Fellowship and the retreats that are eligible, please visit our website.

Copper Beech Institute is a nonprofit retreat center for mindfulness and contemplative practice located in West Hartford, Conn. The Institute offers more than 40 retreats and programs, attracting thousands of guests from across the nation and the world annually, and offers outreach programs in the community, all to foster peace and resilience in everyday life.

Copper Beech Institute is deeply thankful for the generosity of the Aetna Foundation, Hemera Foundation, Petit Family Foundation, Khyentse Foundation, and the William and Alice Mortensen Foundation whose support enables us to offer mindfulness practice to our community.