Petit Foundation treated to a pas de deux or two by the Albano Ballet

Thursday, 17 August 2017


PLAINVILLE - It was a night of expressive dancing and artistic expression Thursday as the Albano Ballet Company entertained for the second year at the Norton House, to the benefit of the Petit Family Foundation.

The historic home on Red Stone Hill saw crowds of family, friends and supporters of the foundation gather in the garden-like backyard.

"Last year was fabulous and a big success," said state Rep. William Petit Jr."We were glad to have them back."

Christine Petit, William Petit's wife, said that the foundation hosts three ballet performances a year. In addition to this outdoor event, two are performed at the Hillstead Museum.

"One is for the kids and the other is a ballet ball for adults," she said. "Last year the performance was beautiful and even though I never got to take ballet growing up I was made an honorary ballerina. It was like fulfilling a childhood dream even though I can't dance."

Joseph "Mr. A" Albano, who owns Albano Ballet, said that the Petit Family Foundation is a "superb" foundation.

"The foundation is divine," he said. "They embrace many different lifestyles and where there is lifestyle there is art and artistic sensibility," he said. "Tonight we are celebrating artistic sensibility. Christine Petit is herself a photographer and a singer so she has an appreciation for the arts."

Henry Seth, who danced in the first show of the night, said that he "loves the cause" of the Petit Family Foundation and enjoys supporting it. The foundation’s mission to educate young people, especially those interested in the sciences, to support those affected by chronic illness and to protect the victims of violence.

After mingling over drinks and hors d'oeuvres the dancers took the stage.

The first dance, the Americana Ballet, was danced by the Albano Ballet Company with music by Charles Inves. The second, The Mystery, was danced by Kaitlyn Ezel and Aoi Ohno. This was followed by excerpts from Peter and the Wolf, danced by Amanda Bogdan, Lilley Hohl, Charles Labou and Mark Mancini. The performance was closed out by The Strauss Waltz, with music by Johan Strauss, danced by Rachel Buder, Eric Carnes, Kaitlyn Ezell and Victoria Garland.

The event was sponsored by Webster Bank, the Cheryl Chase and Stuart Bear Family Foundation, Connecticut Stage and Movie Supply in Plainville, James Millerick of Worldwide Wines and Carol Murdock of Classic Cakes.

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