Three Angels Garden

The first year after the tragedy, I took care of the two side gardens on the property. Replacing plants, weeding, etc. This is how I got to know more of the people in the neighborhood. Some would stop & chat, others would wave at me while I worked. On the one-year anniversary of the tragedy, a neighbor and I were told there would be plants made available (about 15-20) for the neighborhood for planting.

Word got out that we were planting that day, and a very generous local
Garden Nursery donor provided literally truckloads of soil, plants. and labor and built the garden you see today. I need to emphasize how much of an impact this made for this garden. Without his expertise and generosity the garden wouldn’t exist. One gentleman refinished the arbor before it was put up He said it was the least he could do, seeing as so many had turned out to offer their time. A Maple tree was donated by another neighbor, and placed in a spot that oversees the entire garden.

The zebra bushes behind the bench came from a resident in Hamden. They create a nice feeling of privacy. The bird feeder was placed near the bench and filled with wild birdseed. Dr Petit loves birds, and some of the original birdfeeders are still on the property. The butterfly bushes, the bench, and the mulch were donated by surrounding towns.

Now, neighbors and friends provide the upkeep & maintenance, along with me.
It is a joint labor of love, and our garden “angels” continue to contribute their energy towards this garden of peace. I facilitate the donations coming into the garden, along with participating in the garden plantings.

This garden of Hope and Peace continues as a tribute to the lives of Jennifer, Hayley and Michaela Petit.

Chris Gilleylen
Three Angels Garden Coordinator