Annual Giving

The PETIT FAMILY FOUNDATION is classified by the IRS as a 510(c) (3) charitable foundation and all donations are tax deductible to the fullest extent of the law. The PETIT FAMILY FOUNDATION welcomes contributions by cash, check, credit card, and encourages donations in the form of stock transfers or bequests. Your financial support assists the foundation in fulfilling its mission to foster the education of young people, especially those in the sciences; to improve the lives of those affected by chronic illnesses; and to support efforts to protect and help those affected by violence.

Each fall we conduct an annual appeal to help us fund our mission in the coming year. If you have given, we thank you very sincerely. If not, or if you are not on our mailing list and wish to contribute, please contact us by email or at PO Box 310, Plainville, CT 06062.

Donations of all sizes from $1 and up are greatly appreciated. The PETIT FAMILY FOUNDATION Endowed Fund has grown thanks to the efforts of all, from the smallest to the largest donors. Participation is the key ingredient to a successful appeal especially as we all struggle with our recovering economy.

All donations to the annual appeal are fully tax deductible as we are a registered 501 (c) 3 organization. Our Tax ID number is 26-0627813.


If donating through Network For Good, please choose “Annual Appeal” as the designation, thank you!