ATTENTION: As of August 11, 2017 The PFF Grants submission process is Closed.  Funding requests have reached 200% of our budget due to high volume of requests.  We look forward to hearing from you for our next grants cycle.  Thank you.

     The PFF Grants process will have two cycles only, spring and fall. See the Grants Timeline below for details. Due to extremely high volume of grant requests, for the 2017 fall cycle starting on June 1st, when the grant’s dollars requested of the PFF reaches 200% of our budget, the submission process will close for the remainder of 2017.

     Signature Grants: Due to existing multi-year signature grant commitments, no additional signature grants can be considered.

     Grant submissions should be addressed to Jayme Ierna, our new Chair of the Grants Committee.

Awards Request Background
Through the generous donations from our donors—friends, family, colleagues, and others—we have been able to give to many groups whose programs and projects benefit many and are consistent with our mission. The Foundation’s funds are given to foster the education of young people, especially women in the sciences; to improve the lives of those affected by chronic illnesses; and to support efforts to protect and help those affected by violence.

Grant Process and Criteria
The Grant Committee (currently 6 people) appointed by the Board of Directors reads requests as they are received, assesses them on the basis of their direct relevance to the PETIT FAMILY FOUNDATION’s goals, prioritizes the requests, and then makes recommendations to the full Board for approval and endorsement. During the review process the PFF Foundation Grants Committee puts a significant focus on the following criteria:
     - Mission Alignment with PETIT FAMILY FOUNDATION’s mission and goals.
     - Financial and Programmatic Capacity: Successful applicants will show evidence that they are stable, and their program plans give us confidence their work will be sustained beyond our funding.
     - Leadership: Successful applicants will have strong leadership that is collaborative and knowledgeable about the community and the field in which they operate.
     - Measurable Results: We place a high priority on organizations that are able to clearly articulate organizational goals, present a clear plan for achieving results and track outcomes and impact on the people and communities served.
     - Other Criteria: As we are a relatively new Foundation (10 years old in December 2017) and still building our financial resources, we currently fund programs/projects rather than individuals. The Board of Directors believes this creates the greatest benefit to the most people for the dollars expended.

     We prefer to fund equipment and supplies and tend to avoid paying for salary/benefits as we cannot guarantee ongoing funding.

     Due to the high volume of grant requests, the Petit Family Foundation gives local New England based non-profit programs priority in our funding determinations.

Types of Grants
The Petit Foundation is pleased to support local communities and does so by funding two different types of grants: General Operating and Project Support Grants and a Signature Grant. General Operating and Project Support Grants are the vast majority of our awards and tend to be in the $2500 to $15,000 range. Most of the funds are used for the core operations of organizations, supplies, or projects. A Signature Grant must be considered by The Grant Committee and the entire Board of Directors and may be considered for multiple years, usually in the funding request range of $15,000-100,000. A Signature Grant must meet the existing grant criteria and impact a larger number of people. Some examples are the Foundation’s partnerships with the Heath Lodge Channel 3 Kids Camp and Women in Science initiative at the CT Science Center. Meeting with the Foundation’s board to present the funding request and a final report on the outcomes of the program would be anticipated.

Timeline for Grant Process & Decisions
Spring Grant Timeline
Grants Submission Period: January 1, 2017 – March 31, 2017
Grants Submission Deadline: By Noon Friday, March 31, 2017
Grants Decisions and Notifications Deadline: By Friday, April 28, 2017

Fall Grant Timeline
Grants Submission Period: June 1, 2017 – August 31, 2017
Grants Submission Deadline: Closed
Grants Decisions and Notifications Deadline: By Friday, September 29, 2017

Given our two cycle application process, applications will fall into 3 categories: the grant is approved and funded (fully or partially); the grant is denied; the grant has merit but given budget concerns will be re-considered in the next cycle (no action necessary by the applicant).

Grant requests to support causes directly related to the PETIT FAMILY FOUNDATION’s mission may be made at any time (see schedule above) by completing a Grant Request Form. Grant Request Forms are available here or by mail from the Petit Family Foundation, PO Box 310, Plainville, CT 06062, (860) 479-1436, .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address). Applications must be typewritten.


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