Awards Request Background and Process

Through the generous donations from our donors—friends, family, colleagues, and others—we have been able to give to many groups whose programs and projects benefit many and are consistent with our mission.

The Foundation’s funds are given to foster the education of young people, especially women in the sciences; to improve the lives of those affected by chronic illnesses; and to support efforts to protect and help those affected by violence.

As we are a relatively new Foundation, still building our financial resources, we currently fund only programs/projects rather than individuals. The Board of Directors believes this creates the greatest benefit to the most people for the dollars expended. The granting of awards is always informed and guided by the Foundation’s mission statement. There are also the practical considerations of budget and the competition from other concurrent grant applications which are also being considered.

A committee of the Board of Directors reads requests as they are received, assesses them on the basis of their direct relevance to the PETIT FAMILY FOUNDATION’s goals, prioritizes the requests, and then makes recommendations to the full Board for its approval and endorsement. Given our quarterly application process, applications will fall into 3 categories: grant is approved and funded (fully or partially), grant is denied, and grant has merit but given budget concerns will be re-considered in the next cycle (no action necessary by the applicant).

The vast majority of our grant awards tend to be in the $2500 to $15,000 range. The Grant Committee, with the entire Board of Directors, makes a decision on one Signature Grant yearly ($50-100,000 range). Please keep these award ranges in mind when filling out an application. Due to a large increase in grant requests (250% higher this year than at this time a year ago), our priorities are programs within the state (though we have funded programs in multiple states) and specifically, with regard to educational needs, we focus on science programs for girls and young women. We try to support educational programs that are new, discrete, and focus on science with an emphasis on girls/women. We prefer to fund equipment and supplies and tend to avoid paying for salary/benefits as we cannot guarantee ongoing funding.

Discrimination is not made on the basis of race, religion, color, creed, gender, ethnicity, sexual orientation, or ability, but on the merits of the request made (e.g. how it relates to the PETIT FAMILY FOUNDATION’s mission, who the beneficiaries are, how many are served, what the expected benefit(s) and outcome(s) may be, what accountability is planned, how its efficacy will be measured, what other support has been sought and found, etc.).

Beginning January 2014 we will assess grant requests quarterly.

THIS HAS BECOME NECCESSARY AS WE NOW RECIEVE MANY MORE APPLICATIONS THAN WE CAN POSSIBLY FUND. The unfortunate reality is that a grant may be excellent in every respect but not be funded due to a depletion of grant resources.

Application Dates           Decision Date
1-1 through 3-11.                  3-31
3-14 through 6-10.                6-30
6-13 through 9-16.                9-30
9-12 through 12-16.            12-31

Grant requests to support causes directly related to the PETIT FAMILY FOUNDATION’s mission may be made at any time (see schedule noted above) by completing a Grant Request Form. Grant Request Forms are available here or by mail from the Petit Family Foundation, PO Box 310, Plainville, CT 06062, (860) 479-1436, .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address). Applications must be typewritten.


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